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Wednesday, February 22nd 2023

Howdy! So, just a small little update to the home page as we're making some changes to the rest of the site. A lot of these changes have not been implemented yet but there is one slight change to the blog page to make it a little easier to navigate. Now, instead of every blog post being loaded onto one lengthy page the posts are spread out, each with their own individual page! That way you can easily find which post you'd like to read without having to scroll through an enormous backlog of shitty blog posts! I mean, amazing blog posts that you definitely want to read...yeah, that's what I meant. Future changes will include a "prevoius post" and "next post" button at the bottom of every blog post as well as a "Back to Posts" button. Still need to work out all the logistics for that, but hopefully it won't be too bad. In any case, that's what is going on with the site right now. If anything ever seems to be broken or looks out of place, just let me know, I'm more than willing to make the fix.

Remember that if you want to keep up to date with my life you can read the blog or if you just want to know a little bit about me, feel free to read the about section (that could still use some work, honestly). I'll also be adding a "Writing" tab eventually where I'll start posting chapters to a story I plan on working on. This'll probably take a minute to get off the ground, as all I have right now are overarching story beats and a few characters. That's not a ton to work with at the moment, but once I have a good starting point you will see those posted here. Other than that, there isn't much to report about the site. I do plan on making some more updates to the "style" of the site, though I quite like how simplistic it looks. Makes me feel like I'm back int 2005. Anyway, I'll leave you all with that today. Pretty short site update this time.

Monday, August 15th, 2022

A little over a year ago I decided that I wanted to learn how to code some basic HTML and CSS. Eventually, I decided that I wanted to make a website using this knowledge and start my own little blog. It was never going to be anything special, just a daily blog that I wrote about my life in. Along the way I wanted to develop the webpage into something much more than what it started off as. Adding styling, different pages, more posts,etc. At first, I kept up pretty well with the blog, writing a post almost every day. Then life started to get a little busy and I didn't keep up with it as much. My journey into learning how to code the site wasn't getting much further, as I was starting a new job. My drive for finishing the project fizzled out as I spun into depression, the stress of a new job too much to handle along with the pressure of moving at the same time. It wasn't until later this year that I thought about putting together a blog again.

Back in April/May I started getting back into coding with HTML/CSS again. After creating several projects using a few free online resources, I felt confident that I could create my own website. Unfortunately, I set my sights a little too high, attempting to bite off a little bit more than I could chew for my first foray into web design. Again my drive for the project would fade, leaving me with an unfinished pile of code waiting to be used for something. It only took me about a month to think about revisiting my idea. This time I wouldn't try to do too much though, allowing myself to use the free resources I had to create a simple web page. Thankfully a buddy of mine recommended using Neocities (shoutout to Bofiab) as a free way of getting something started. Obviously I took that recommendation because here I am, finally getting my site launched.

The idea was always to name the site The Creamery. This, admittedly simple, design was actually the one I had for my original blog a year ago. I just took that code and used it as a starting point for this site. This probably won't be the finished version of how things look, but I'm also really bad at updating things (most of my Twitch assets are still the same as four years ago). I stuck with the name, since that is still what I call my stream, and now we're here. This front page will mostly be used for any updates to the site that I make, with the blog page being the place to find my personal musings. I'm also going to leave the original post down below that I made for this page over a year ago. Just shows you how long this idea has been brewing. Be sure to check out the blog and about pages before you take off and I'll be seeing you around!

Tuesday, June 22nd, 2021

This is a place to come and discuss all things creamy a.k.a. things related to the Kywil Twitch/YouTube channel. Here there will be semi-frequent updates on the state of the channel as well as insights into the daily life of Kywil. This website will be an ever devoloping project on my path to coding. It will start as the most bare bones version of a website that it can be before being upgraded to the best of the best with styling and a shit ton of content. This will be sparse to begin with. Things won't look pretty but the first focus is content and making sure I know how to code HTML as well as possible before moving on to CSS. So, this is the inaugural post on the front page of the website. This will kind of be the dev log of the site. I'll try to take screen shots of what things looked like during this time, both in code and on the web browser. These will be inserted along with these logs. This should be a fun little project should I actually follow through with it. Let's see if I can do something that I put my mind to!